The conference speakers:

Søren Møller Christensen, Panelist

Acting CEO of Baltic Energy Island

Søren Møller Christensen is responsible for building the organization, business models, and projects under the business-oriented fund Baltic Energy Island. Originally educated as an ethnologist and former head of Development and Planning in Bornholm Regional Municipality.

Hanne Storm Edlefsen

Vice President, Energy Islands, Energinet

Hanne Storm Edlefsen is the Senior Vice President of Energy Islands at the Danish electricity and gas operator, Energinet. As the head of development for the transmission infrastructure of the largest building project in Danish history - the energy islands, Hanne is driven by the vision of 'green energy for a better world'. Since 2012, she has worked in different areas within the energy sector, gaining a large network and strong experience in leadership, international affairs, and the future of the green energy system. Hanne holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Kristian Jensen

CEO, Green Power Denmark

Kristian Jensen is a former Minister of Finance, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Taxation. He has served 23 years in the Danish parliament, been vice-chairman of the political party Venstre, and served as a special envoy for Denmark to the United Nations.


Mette Skøt, Moderator

Project developer at Energy Island Bornholm at Bornholms Energi og Forsyning

Mette Skøt is an experienced project developer in the green transition and now works as a project developer at Bornholms Energi og Forsyning, where she focuses on projects related to Energiø Bornholm. Mette is originally a civil engineer from The Technical University of Denmark with a postgraduate degree from Stanford University in strategic implementation and program management.

Stefan Kapferer

CEO, 50Hertz

Stefan Kapferer is CEO of 50Hertz and member of the steering committee of the German-Belgian Elia Group (Elia Group Committee). 50Hertz operates the transmission grid in northern and eastern Germany and is responsible for the secure electricity supply to around 18 million people. With a background in politics and business, he has also served as State Secretary at both state and federal levels, including at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, where he had oversight of the energy sector.

Lea Wermelin

Member of Parliament