About us

We will innovate the new global energy system

Together we develop new solutions for energy islands. We transform the island of Bornholm into the green hub in the Baltic Sea. But our vision extends beyond that. At Baltic Energy Island we will innovate the new global energy system.

We are a partnership of companies and system operators leading the green transition, researchers developing and teaching new solutions and a municipality and local companies and actors transforming the future of Bornholm.

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We will create a sustainable energy system

By 2030, offshore wind farms of three gigawatts will deliver power to Denmark, Sweden and Germany via the island of Bornholm. The estimated capacity of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea is up to 93 gigawatts in total. The electricity will power homes and companies and it will be converted into hydrogen through power-to-x to produce green fuels for the transport sector. Denmark has been a frontrunner in the green transition. Building on global cooperation we have developed the technologies, implemented it in our energy system and exported it to the rest of the world. Baltic Energy Island will continue this tradition taking us closer to 100 percent sustainable and data driven energy system.

Our future is green.
Let’s create it together.

We will test and develop new technologies for energy islands and sector coupling; we will educate the next generation of engineers and businesses to be part of the transition; and we will tell the story of Bornholm to help others learn and build energy islands and transform their system and society collectively.
A big thanks to Destination Bornholm for making photos available for use on this website