Great interest in the first-ever Baltic Energy Island Summit

The very first Baltic Energy Island Summit were a great succes, with 150 participants from home and abroad, including representatives from all three upcoming energy islands in the Baltic Sea.

In the opening debate, Lea Wermelin, the Energy Spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party, participated and expressed hope that Energy Island Bornholm would not only become the world’s first energy island but also serve as a blueprint for future energy islands. This point was supported by Hanne Storm Edlefsen, VP for Energy Islands at Energinet, who also hoped that Energy Island Bornholm could become a stepping stone for establishing future standards applicable to upcoming projects. She also emphasized Denmark’s sweet spot as a wind nation situated between the northern hydroelectric power and the southern sun.

Charlotte Jepsen, Director at the Foundation CIP®, referenced an Elvis quote, wishing for “A little less conversation, a little more action,” underscoring that there is no shortage of political ambitions but rather a need for concrete implementation.

Kristian Jensen, Director at Green Power Denmark, took up the challenge and urged Mayor Jacob Trøst of Bornholm to set a goal of making Bornholm the first place to demonstrate to the world that it is possible to create a society completely independent of fossil fuels. He said, “There are so many skeptics out there. We need to show it’s possible through energy storage, power-to-X, and X-to-power. Bornholm should be the place to showcase it.”

Marco Nix, CFO of the German energy company 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, also participated in the debate and highlighted their involvement in Energy Island Bornholm and the planned infrastructure as one of their most important projects, not only in size but also in terms of signaling value.

Dagen bød også på fire breakoutsessions focusing på teknologier for energiøer, uddannelse, local erhvervsudvikling og regulatory innovation.

See selected photos from the event and an watch an interview with Berndt Schalin, conference speaker and CEO of the Finnish energy company Flexens Oy Ab (with offices in both Helsinki and Åland), and hear his take on the most prominent barriers and opportunities for the upcoming energy islands.

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